Album: demo 2009 (2010)

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Song: get lost

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Born in the suburbs of Jakarta is very hard CATUAS from mere chatter formed from the mouth alcohol and smoke marijuana in early 2005.
CATUAS initial personnel consisted of: Word (vocal), Alen (vocals), Dree (guitars), Dika Morasta (bass), Tommy (drums).
In 2006 Tommy resigned due to busy with his work in Europe, and the position was replaced by Tommy Ariz. ignore.
2007 CATUAS year again mess with the resignation Alen & Aris because they are busy with their own bands - each. And the position was replaced by Aris Morasta Dika, positions filled by Billy Bass, and entered Fajri guitars on 2nd position.
After several personnel changes in 2009 finally began to overhaul the personnel CATUAS back with: Lugan mahas (highscream), Dika Morasta (basstard), Dree (guitarsinside).